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Final Report

Final ReportpdfDialogue between Science and Religion

This report summurizes activities at the Université de Montréal's Center for the Study of Religions (CERUM) under the Science and Religion projetct, funded by the Templeton Foundation. This project stared in 2002 when the Université de Montréal received the Templeton Research Lectures Fellowship for 2002-2006, an honour previously accorded to the Bar Ilan (Israel), Columbia, Santa Barbara, Stanford and UCLA universities. The Université de Montréal was the first Canadian institution, and also the first French-speaking one, to receive fellowship.

The project presented to the Templeton Foundation, entitled The Universe, Life, the Person: Continuity or Discontinuity? A Dialogue between Sciences and Religions, was intended to develop a dialogue between three main fields of research: cosmogenesis (evolution of the universe), phylogenesis (evolution of life), and psychogenesis (evolution of the person).

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