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Current research

Current research covers the following themes

Multidisciplinary Analysis of the Religious Question
(shamanism and possession; belief, faith and religion, etc.)
Director: Robert Crépeau

Chair of Research in Religion, Culture and Society:
Studies on Religion in the Public Sphere

Director: Solange Lefebvre

Gender and Religion
Director: Denise Couture

Religious Diversity and Inter-cultural Society
Director: Jean-François Roussel

New Religious Movements: Violence and Religion
Director: Jean-Guy Vaillancourt

Psychology of Religious Experiences
Director: Guy Robert St-Arnaud

Sciences and Religions: Cosmologies and Pure Sciences;
Neurosciences and the Human Person; Biology and the Meaning of Life

Director : Hubert Doucet

Canada Research Chair on Islam, Pluralism and Globalization
Director : Patrice Brodeur

Philosophy and Religion
Director : Jean Grondin

Popular Religions
Director : Pietro Boglioni

Native Spiritualities
Directors : Robert Crépeau and Marie-Pierre Bousquet

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