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Studies in religious sciences

Graduate and undergraduate studies in religious sciences. Some of our programs:

Undergraduate level
Certificate which can be combined with a major in another discipline

The Certificate in the religious sciences includes non-confessional courses offered by the Faculty of Theology and by several departments in the Faculty of Arts and Sciences. This certificate is meant for students who wish to enrich their basic studies in various disciplines with a more specialized orientation towards religious matters. It would also be of interest to future teachers of religion, to students in a related discipline or to students of Christian theology who want to expand their scope of knowledge to include other religious traditions and fundamental approaches to religious phenomena.

Masters level
Multidisciplinary program with electives

In graduate studies, we offer a multidisciplinary masters program that is the only one of its kind in Canada. This program offers a choice of four disciplinary electives that can be added to core specialization in the religious sciences: anthropology, history, philosophy, and sociology. For those headed for more active roles, several pathways are possible, including a micro-program in the religious sciences. The masters programs pursue the following objectives: to study religious questions, to learn about the research methods used in the religious sciences, and to develop the skills required to do analytical and hermeneutical research on religious phenomena.

Doctoral level

The doctoral program's objective is to form competent researchers who will be equipped to carry out high quality research in university, private, or public sectors and to form professionals in other relevant fields such as those dealing with current issues in our modern multi-religious milieus or with the place of religion in society and secular organizations.

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